The Heart of Hawaiian Art

Hawaii—the destination of tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists; the wonder of photographers, artists, and nature-lovers; the fellowship of 137 islands in the Pacific Ocean; and Earth’s most shining example of the beauty of the tropics—is the only US state that is structured solely out of Islands. Yet for all the space between its islands, the people of Hawaii have remained united in preserving the local culture, and in essence the Hawaii art, that has captured the hearts of romantics the world over.

When Captain James Cook first arrived with his crew, he dubbed the mass of small islands “the Sandwich Islands”. Although, it appears somewhat of a misnomer that Cook should make such a statement, it is quite possible that he was referring to the unifying culture—though the islands were spread out and diverse, the culture remained as one.

Hawaiians are particularly fond of art. In Cook’s day, Hawaii art consisted largely of wood carvings, rock carvings, feather work, and even tattoo art. Later, many of the westerners who were artists visited Hawaii and were captured by the simplicity of the land. They began to preserve their fondest memories of the beaches, the animals, and even the erupting volcanoes through Hawaiian paintings. Today, if you cannot make a trip to share in magic of Hawaii, there’s still a way to bring the magic to you through Hawaii art.

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Classic Hawaiian Photography

Classic Hawaiian Photography is that art which is painting or designed by famouus portrait Duke Kahanamoku.Its prints or you can say Classic Hawaiian Photography is available in differents 3 sizes like black & white, Sepia tone and in many colors.The photography is done on museum like watercolor papers for attraction.They are emerged from the early age of 1900s,we called it as golden age art.For more famous portraits Classic hawaii art and Hawaiian paintings you can switch to

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Classic hawaii art and classic hawaiian paintings

Classic Hawaiiana could be a line of Distinctive art Giclee reproductions of Hawaii Art, Hawaiian Paintings, Classic Hawaiian Photography & Prints from Hawaii’s Golden Age, the first decade. that includes fine Hawaii art giclee’s, written on repository Quality repository Watercolor paper the prints square measure obtainable in either black & white, Sepia tone, or several in color, obtainable in three sizes. The prints feature associate antique torn edge impact then floated on a range of fine coloured suede matting and finished together with your selection of a particular tropical frame, together with the choice of adding a white linen liner. for traditional Hawaii art look no more than computer network

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